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Watch the dynamic video profiling the new Institute, directed by Dr. Claudia Emerson and based in the Department of Philosophy, and how it uses the latest research to analyse the ethical challenges involving global health and development.

The new Institute on Ethics and Policy for Innovation (IEPI) focuses its energy on applied ethics research. Its overarching goal is to work collaboratively with members of the global health community, viz. researchers, funders, policymakers, and affected communities, to overcome ethical barriers and promote enablers, so that life-saving innovations have a greater chance of reaching those that need them most. The Department of Philosophy has a strong tradition in applied and theoretical ethics. Additionally, there is a critical mass of scholarship in healthcare ethics, humanitarian health ethics, human rights, Indigenous health, and global health spread across campus in various Departments and Faculties. IEPI will leverage these strengths and facilitate collaboration to create a hub of interdisciplinary research excellence capable of serving a multitude of stakeholders at the local, national, and international levels.