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Dr. David Ogborn, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Multimedia, organized the International Conference on Live Coding 2016 (ICLC 2016) which took place from October 12-15, 2016, in diverse venues located at McMaster and in downtown Hamilton. The conference featured upwards of 60 live coding artists and artist-researchers participating in four days of workshops, panels, presentations and – above all – performances. Full conference details can be found here:

The conference, which is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, began in the downtown arts scene with free, public workshops at Centre3, Factory Media Centre and Hamilton Artists Inc. and returned downtown for a night of performances as part of Hamilton’s monthly art crawl. The conference closed with a late-night algorave featuring algorave co-founder Alex McLean at Hamilton’s Spice Factory.

Dr. Ogborn is known at McMaster and internationally for founding and directing the McMaster Cybernetic Orchestra ( He explains how his artistic activity combines with and enriches research: “Live coding is programming as a performance art, often but not always to make electronic music. Live coding raises complex questions about computing, art, representation and collaboration – and at the same time, live coding provides a flexible and dynamic setting in which new strategies and approaches to life with computers can be explored.”

Key contributions to the ICLC 2016 event were made by the Faculty of Humanities, the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia, the School of the Arts, the Gender Studies and Feminist Research program, the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship and Humanities Media and Computing.