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Announcing the official launch of the History of Medicine and Medical Humanities Research Portal!

This Portal, launched in January 2017, is designed to support students and independent researchers at all levels to explore the medical humanities, particularly the history of medicine.

“Medical humanities,” as explained by the Portal developers, is an interdisciplinary field encompassing the humanities (literature, philosophy, ethics, history, religion), social science (anthropology, cultural studies, psychology, sociology) and the arts (theater, film, multimedia, visual arts), in dialogue with healthcare education and clinical practice.  Humanities thinking enriches healthcare education and practice, and medicine broadens our understanding of human being and the human condition.

With over 400 pages of original description of libraries, archives, museums, digital collections, blogs, grants, and other resources in the history of medicine and medical humanities, this new resource is for all students, faculty, clinicians, and interested researchers.  It includes listings from around the world, but focuses particular attention on Canadian history, Aboriginal health in Canadian archives, and the City of Hamilton.

The History of Medicine and Medical Humanities Research Portal was created in 2016 by the Jason A. Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine Ellen Amster, History Ph.D. candidate researchers Lauren Goldstein, Katarina Todic, and Nathan Coschi, and Bachelor of Health Sciences student Jinny Lee, with technical assistance from Todd Murray and the Computer Services Unit in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The portal was created by the Hannah Unit and is made possible by funding from Associated Medical Services, the DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University, and the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. The Portal also hosts the Hannah History of Medicine Speaker Series Schedule.