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Dr. David Ogborn (a.k.a. d0kt0r0) is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Multimedia. Dr. Ogborn directs the live coding Cybernetic Orchestra (http://soundcloud.com/cyberneticOrchestra), and teaches audio, code and game design in the undergraduate Multimedia and graduate New Media and Communication programs. The Cybernetic Orchestra was recently profiled on CBC Radio’s Spark with Norah Young. Read more and listen to the podcast here.

The video below features Dr. Ogborn live coding with renowned tabla player, Shawn Mativetsky, in their new network music ensembla, very long cat. They rehearse and perform via the Internet, employing an eclectic range of techniques and technologies. The musicians explain: “With very long cat, we are not only bridging physical distances, but are also working to bring together two very different musical cultures, and both old and new practices of improvisation and creative music making. Shawn Mativetsky performs tabla in both traditional and new music contexts. He learned in the tradition of the Benares gharana, which is renowned for its rich tradition of solo tabla playing, drawing upon centuries old traditions of improvisation. David Ogborn’s live coding practice has been strongly influenced by the live coding community around the Cybernetic Orchestra (McMaster University) and the greater Toronto and Hamilton area, and attempts to engage as directly as possible with the “theatre” of code, privileging simple and visible code that is modified quickly.”