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Communism, as an international constellation and site for the growth of ideas, organizations, and social movements, deeply influenced 20th-century world history, including broader struggles for racial equality, decolonization, and national self-determination within Canada and elsewhere.

This workshop — which is open to the public — will be held in Wilson Hall, Room 2001, on September 21-22, 2017. A group of international and Canadian researchers will advance new questions and ways of thinking about a global history of the left in conjunction with scholarship that investigates the histories of imperialism, colonial liberation, racial equality, labour, and nationalism in regions influenced by and existing in tension with an international Communist network. You can learn more about the workshop on this blog. A keynote address by Professor Stephen Smith will take place on September 21, 4-6pm, in CIBC Hall.

For more information on Transnational Leftism: The Comintern and the National, Colonial and Racial Questions Workshop, please review the program with times, dates, and locations on the Institute’s website here: http://wilson.humanities.mcmaster.ca/transnational-leftism-the-comintern-and-the-national-colonial-and-racial-questions-workshop

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