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Message from the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

Humanities researchers are united by the fact that each of us explores human culture. The questions we ask and the methods we employ, however, are as varied as human culture itself. You can find us in art studios, and archives; we conduct experiments in laboratories and engaged research in many communities. We produce knowledge and understanding that fuels minds, opens doors, and builds bridges.

McMaster Humanities research is local and global – and increasingly interdisciplinary. I encourage you to have a look at the websites of our growing number of research centres and institutes, which exemplify the diversity of what we do: from textual analysis at the Bertrand Russell Research Centre right here on campus to the global reach of our health technology ethics investigators in IEPI; from the use of narrative arts with marginalized groups in Hamilton by researchers in CCENA to the brain imaging experimentation of our linguistics researchers in ARiEAL and the archeological digs led by CAN’s Classics scholars. And these examples provide just a taste of what we do. More exciting projects can also be found by visiting our departmental web pages and clicking on the profiles of individual faculty researchers.

Of course, we don’t do any of this alone. In addition to our many community partners in Southern Ontario and academic collaborators across campus and at universities around the world, our graduate students play a large role by helping us at all stages of our explorations and creation – and by inspiring us with their own masters and doctoral research.

With recent additions to our faculty complement in Classics, Philosophy, Communications, Indigenous History, Linguistics and Studio Arts, and the addition of world-class facilities in the new L.R. Wilson Hall alongside record-setting success with the federal granting agency, it is a great time for Humanities research at McMaster.

Pamela Swett
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research