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Message from the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

The Faculty of Humanities at McMaster is dedicated to excellence in research. This commitment reflects our belief that a research-intensive environment best supports the innovative spirit of inquiry and exchange that is the heart of the Humanities. Research in our academic programs and Centres & Institutes spans many areas of study, from popular youth cultures of the 21st century to the histories of ancient societies, from moral theories on international justice to the cognitive dimensions of music, language, and communication.

Our faculty members are passionate about knowledge. We are committed to sharing this passion by supporting innovative scholarly projects and by creating opportunities for interaction among scholars, students, and the larger community, both locally and globally. We are dedicated to promoting responsible local and global leadership through an emphasis on critical inquiry, ethical reasoning, and inter-cultural understanding. We also value interdisciplinary approaches to discovery and learning, creative engagement and thoughtful action in response to challenging ideas.

Our graduate students are valued colleagues, and their work reflects and contributes to the diversity of our research community. We challenge our students to look at the intricacies and interconnectedness of the human mind and society. We offer research opportunities that allow our students to develop unique insights about our social and cultural fabric, with the support and guidance of experienced researchers.

By learning from both past and pressing contemporary issues, we promote advances in knowledge that make innovative, positive differences in the university, the community, and the world.

Bonny Ibhawoh
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research